Bob Schiffmann has 50 years of continuous experience actively working with microwaves, microwave ovens and microwave processing.

He provides consulting on microwave heating topics including ovens, foods, packaging, cookware and industrial processing; he has served more than 150 companies.

Currently and previously President of the International Microwave Power Institute, he also served as Chairman and Member of the Board of Governors. He has chaired over 20 international microwave conferences, including the 4th World Congress on Microwave & Radio Frequency Applications. He lectures internationally on numerous topics relating to microwave science technology including product and process development safety, hazards, and more. He has 28 U.S. patents and numerous pubications in peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Bob has served in numerous depositions, trials and arbitrations, for plaintiff and defense attorneys, including microwave cases involving

Personal injury
Intellectual property
Patent infringement
Fires and property damage
Medical malpractice
Class action
Felony murder
and non-microwave cases of trade secret violation.

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Your assistance and guidance, as well as testimony, were invaluable to my clients and my firm. You not only provided us with the necessary expertise and testimony but also educated us on the scientific issues underlying the technology at issue. Your report was clear and you provided strong testimony at both your deposition and at the hearing. — Robert Finkel, trial counsel in a commercial dispute regarding microwave technology.
Bob SchiffmannPlease call to discuss how I might be of service in your case, 212-362-7021.
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