Microwave Expert

Consulting Projects

Product, Processing & Testing Projects and Inventions (a selection from over 200 projects):

Microwave Processes Developed

  • Aerospace: Drying of plaster pre-forms for ductwork
  • Food: Cooking and drying muesli (operational in South Africa)
  • Food: Process for extruding, forming and cooking frankfurters and sausages
  • Food: Forming and cooking sausage patties (in operation for over 10 years)

Microwavable Products Development

  • Amazing Glaze (caramel) Microwave Popcorn (patent & commercial)
  • Microwavable crust for frozen pot pies (commercial)
  • Crisp filled savory snacks (European: commercial)
  • Frozen fish and sauce entree line (Canada: commercial)
  • Microwavable oatmeal

Microwavable Product Packaging and Device Testing

  • Spontaneous fracture of glass jars (test procedure developed)
  • Fires in several microwavable products
  • Damage to turntables during microwave oven operation
  • Hazards of heating baby food in microwave ovens

Innovative Microwave Products Invented

  • Microwave Crisper: unique microwave cookware
  • Microwave medical & dental sterilizer
  • Microwave blood plasma warmer

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Bob provided us a road-mapped experimental design and ultimate testing for an advanced microwave food application that satisfied a long unsatisfied need within our organization and our industry at large. Results were of the highest caliber. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

— November 17, 2008, Ron Sasiela, Dean, Seafood University at Icelandic USA, hired Bob as a business consultant in 2000.

Bob Schiffmann

Bob Schiffmann