Microwave Expert

Consulting Services

I specialize in all things microwave. This includes microwavable consumer and food service products, and industrial microwave products.

  • Research & development of microwavable products for consumers and food service
  • Bakery, frozen foods, snacks, desserts, soups, sauces, etc.
  • Applications research & development of industrial processing systems
  • Foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, medical, etc.
  • Research & development of special microwave devices and systems
  • Medical, dental, cookware, special microwave ovens
  • Performance testing
  • Food and non-food products, packaging, cookware, microwave devices, etc.
  • Seminars, problem solving and brainstorming sessions
  • All areas of microwave technology, usually at client's facility
  • Technical assistance
  • Training of staff, project direction and analysis, facility design and equipment selection
  • Due diligence research for venture capitalists

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Please call to discuss how I might be of service in your case, 212-362-7021.

Bob's incredible breadth and depth of knowledge in the field of microwave product development and cooking delivered new insights to significant technical challenges. He provided a technical roadmap designed to jump start a new innovation platform. Bob is the perfect combination of proven expertise and constant, creative thinking.

— Allyson Frer, Account Director, YourEncore, Inc.

Bob Schiffmann

Bob Schiffmann