Microwave Expert

Courses & Seminars

International Microwave Power Institute

  • Course Director and Lecturer
    • Fundamentals of Microwave Heating and Microwave Ovens
    • Microwave Product Development & Packaging
    • Microwave Product Testing & Heating Instructions
  • Webinar Presenter: Numerous microwave topics

Center for Professional Advancement

  • Course Director and Lecturer for approximately 30 years in USA & the Netherlands
    • Industrial Microwave Technology
    • Microwave Oven Technology
    • Industrial Drying of Heat Sensitive Materials
  • In-house seminars, including for
    • Merck Pharmaceutical
    • Norsk Hydro (Norway)
    • Kimberly Clark

Institute for Food Technologies

  • Scientific Lecturer on microwave topics, 1988-1991

Professional Seminars for

  • International Microwave Power Institute: (IMPI)
  • Institute of Food Technologies: (IFT)
  • American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA)
  • American Association of Cereal Chemists

Private in-house seminars for numerous U.S. companies

Please call to discuss how I might be of service in your case, 212-362-7021.

Bob is a well-rounded expert in microwave energy science. His frequent service as an expert witness, leadership in education in food and industrial applications and consistent support of the electromagnetic energy industry has been an asset to hundreds of scientists and researchers around the world. I frequently recommend Bob to colleagues because of his expertise, and will continue to do so!

— Kimberly Thies, (past) Executive Director of the International Microwave Power Institute.